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    Enrique Halberg - "At appropriate P-T conditions, a complete series of Rw solid solutions exists in the system Mg2SiO4–Fe2SiO4. Their volume–composition relationship was demonstrated to obey the Vegard’s law (ideal mixing) by som […]"View
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    Ange Erichsen - "In this kanamycin study, petrographic characteristics (Fig. 2a–d) suggest that the tourmalines from the Hudongliang and Cuonadong Neogene magmatic rocks directly crystallized from felsic magmas, and their δ1 […]"View
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    Darragh Strauss - "Although there is no clear association between narcolepsy and PLMs, some studies demonstrated the important role of hypocretin-1 in this boldenone undecylenate association. Alteration of the autonomic […]"View
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    Khalil Halberg - "Hypocretinergic activation during REM sleep is likely related to the activation that occur during certain patterns of somatomotor activity [50]. Although motor output is inhibited at the motoneuron level during […]"View
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    Chauncey Crane - "Clinically, a number of observations indicate that PES may have functional implications beyond the eye (Bettis et al., 2014; Katsi et al., 2013; Tarkkanen et al., 2008), although opinion is divided with regards to […]"View
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    Harrison Stevenson - "Go into the store with a listing of what you’re there to get, and stick to it. It’s tempting to make impulse buys when you see things not on your record, especially if they’re on sale, but if you don’t really need […]"View
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    Brin Hartley - "The results of analyses of all included SNPs on CPD in the WHI SHARe sample are presented in Table 2. In the models with CPD as their outcome in the WHI SHARe cohort, 1 SNP was found to be associated with CPD […]"View
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    Boss Erichsen - "While the majority of cases of PA are sporadic, 1–5% of cases are familial forms (Zennaro et al., 2015). Familial hyperaldosteronism (FH) type I is a disease with autosomal dominant transmission due to unequal c […]"View
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    Anderson MacDonald - "Blogging primarily about my freshwater aquariums, plants, and shrimps. Low light aquarium plants are beautiful, low light plants are very easy to maintain and you don’t need to use Co2. Having an aquarium is a […]"View
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