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    Chauncey Crane - "Previously, we succeeded in visualizing the DNA methylation status by injecting a GFP-fused MBD of MBD1 protein (EGFP-MBD-NLS) mRNA into living mice zygotes. Using this method, we visualized the DNA methylation […]"View
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    Enrique Halberg - "While we have excluded PGC formation from EpiSCs in response to BMP induction, suggesting a direct conversion to ESCs, we cannot exclude the possibility that JAK-STAT signaling recovery is a conserved mechanism in […]"View
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    Brin Hartley - "ResultsDiscussionWe highlight the generation of human functional haploid spermatids from human SSCs of cryptorchid patients. Cryptorchidism is the most common etiologic factor for azoospermia in adults. Among men […]"View
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    Darragh Strauss - "The DNA damage repair system involves a complex network in which miRNAs play important roles (Chen and Rajewsky, 2007; Song et  al., 2011; Wan et al., 2011). For example, miR-24 and miR-138 can downregulate H […]"View
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    Khalil Halberg - "Our data provide evidence that the oncogenic protein complex MELK/FOXM1 is a crucial transcriptional regulator of EZH2. EZH2, a lysine methyltransferase of PRC2, mediates the transcriptional repression of […]"View
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    Ange Erichsen - "Multi-electrode array approaches have been proposed as a tool for detecting functional changes in electrically excitable cells, including neurons, exposed to drugs or toxins and allow use in high throughput […]"View
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    Boss Erichsen - "In this study, we describe an efficient dCas9 activator with multimeric VP16 activation domain and a simplified method for guide RNA assembly and cloning. We demonstrate that the dCas9 activator can be fused to a […]"View
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