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    Welcome to the inaugural issue of (), the open access, online journal of the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM). joins () and the newly minted () to form a family of journals published by and for the ISSM. All three publications are official journals of the ISSM, its five regional affiliate societies, and the International Society for the Study of Women\’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH). has been an unqualified success; since its introduction in 2004, it has become the preeminent resource for the latest research into human sexuality. The diversity of content published in is truly astounding: molecular studies of genital vasodilation; population studies on the prevalence of sexual concerns; sexuality in young and old; articles on men and on women and on people who do not neatly fit into the binary gender mold; papers on heterosexual and nonheterosexual people and, finally, on citizens from all corners of the globe. Truly, is an exceptional resource thanks to the multitudes of people who have written, reviewed, published, and otherwise helped orchestrate it.So, why then is there a need for three journals in the ISSM family? In short, the very success of has led to an obvious need for growth and expansion. Furthermore, the great diversity of human necessitates that any single journal have some focus. will continue as the flagship journal of the ISSM, publishing high‐impact, multidisciplinary basic and clinical science. A renewed emphasis on research issues germane to the global sexual medicine Purmorphamine Supplier will enhance the profile of ISSM\’s venerable journal. has been created to publish systematic reviews and reports in order to synthesize clinical and translational research to distill the best available evidence in the field of human sexuality. This new journal will serve as a trusted resource for rapid reference and citation. The journal publishes quarterly and is packaged with . Society members now receive both journals as part of their membership. The first issue of published in May 2013 and is already receiving praise for the quality of its content and the caliber of its authors.The mandate of the third journal in the ISSM portfolio of titles, , is quite different from that of . In the year 2012, nearly 1,000 manuscripts were submitted for consideration of publication in . Clearly there are limitations to what can be published in the pages of a print journal; these limitations posed a unique challenge in that a large body of good science from ISSM members and other sexuality researchers from around the world could not be accepted for publication in a single journal., therefore, is the means by which the ISSM will “enlarge our tent.” Our new journal will have a broad focus on numerous issues germane to sexuality; our core focus is and will remain the management of sexual concerns. However, Human Genome Project new journal also offers us the opportunity to publish on topics in sexuality that have to date not been the focus of ISSM journals. To that end, welcomes direct submissions and supports referral of papers submitted to that are outside \’s newly focused scope. will particularly act as a venue for topics of regional or subspecialty interest.Our open access format eliminates page restrictions that are present in print journals. The limitless potential of online publication will enable investigators from all corners of the globe to share their work with colleagues around the world. The additional benefit of the open access publication model is that papers published in may be rapidly disseminated, in vibrant color, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Open access is the way of the future; the ISSM and the editorial board of is dedicated to riding the wave of this revolution in scientific publication. All articles published by are immediately and freely available to read, download, and share for noncommercial use. is also fully compliant with funder open access mandates, such as the Research Councils UK, which took effect in April 2013.